The report of investigation primary school and lower secondary school education informatization in Leshan city

Qianjun Tang, Jitka Laitochova, David Nocar, Liang Mengjiao
2016 e-Pedagogium  
As the project team continuous researched for Sichuan province comprehensive reform pilot project of the 2nd that is "depth integration of modern education technology into the primary and lower secondary school education pilot", we investigated the education informatization in 5 representative schools in the area of pilot launched a pilot area. We mainly focused on the sample school education informatization of hardware and software environment, teachers' skills of information technology, the
more » ... age of information resources and the education media, and teachers' awareness and attitude of information technology in education. For data collection we mainly adopted questionnaire, interview and visit three ways for data collection. Through the data collected in detail, quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis, we drew the corresponding conclusion about the various aspects above. Keywords: the education of primary and lower secondary school, education informatization, information technology, the skills of information technology, training teacher. The Basic Informatization Situation in the Schools We wanted to know about the hardware and software of the schools, such as the schools' address, scale, faculty and the ranking in the area etc. For the hardware, we needed to know the campus website's input width and output width, the amount of the computer room, the performance of the computers, the ratio of student and computer, the amount and the performance of multimedia classroom, the hardware of the office, the performance of the campus website server. About the software, we needed to know the office-automatic and the instruction resources.
doi:10.5507/epd.2016.043 fatcat:o3ba4a3e5fde3lo3uro7hh4yti