Magical Realism in the Works of Ibrahim al-Koni (Case Study of Novel the Tumor)

Salah Al-Ddin Abdi
2018 unpublished
Miraculous, strange, fantasy or magical literature, all denote the same and that is the natural balance in the face of unnatural disaster. This literature depends on the presence or absence of reality repartition into a kind of realism. In this type of discourse, reality and unreality is intervened together and their separation is impossible and this school is the outcome of the ideas of South American writers and has been formed on the basis of environmental necessities. Among Arab writer, the
more » ... ng Arab writer, the most prominent one who reflects on this idea, one can point to Ibrahim al-Koni who has written more than 40 novels in this context. The environment led him to introduce his ideas based on this school. To al-Koni, the features of this school could be combining fantasy with reality in the form of reason and daily events in the form of a story that a reader can believe in it. With the techniques of duality, tone and poetic connotation and especially with amazing narrative and description, he tries to make the reader acquaint with his environment. Al-Koni has used the framework of this school to enrich Arab ideas. This study is descriptive-analytical in nature.