Preliminary Imaging Studies of [ 61 Cu]diacetyl-bis (N 4-methylthiosemi-carbazone) in Normal and Hypoxic Tumor Models

Reza Amir, Jalilian, Hassan Yousefnia, Mohsen Kamali-Dehghan, Sedigheh Moradkhani, Fatemeh Bolourinovin, Kamaleddin Shafaii, Gholamreza Aslani
[ 61 Cu]diacetyl-bis(N 4-methylthiosemicarbazone) ([ 61 Cu]ATSM) is a well-established hypoxia imaging tracer with simple production and significant specifity. In this work the accumulation of the tracer is studied in wild-type, necrotic and hypoxic fibrosarcoma tumors.