A world away from war: Music interventions in war-affected settings

Gillian Howell, Huib Schippers, Brydie-Leigh Bartleet, University, My
This thesis examines what happens when the worlds and knowledges of war, international development, and music education intersect. It investigates the practices and experiences of music interventions, a term used in this thesis to describe structured programs for music learning and participation in places that have been unmade by war, taking shape within the structures and funding arrangements of largescale international aid and assistance. It explores the work of three specific music
more » ... fic music interventions—the Pavarotti Music Centre in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hadahur Music School in Timor-Leste, and the Afghanistan National Institute of Music in Afghanistan—with the goal of identifying how these kinds of projects are shaped, and their potential for sustainability in a volatile and mutable environment. These case study sites offer interesting contrasts of timeframe (longevity of the music intervention and retrospective distance from the wartime experiences); scale (of ambition, funding, and external drivers); and approaches to the teaching and learning of music, in particular their efforts to regenerate local music traditions. The research was designed as an ethnographic, multi-sited, multi-case study project. Semi-structured interviews and document review were the principal data sources, offering diverse perspectives that bring both positive and critical voices of participants and local community members to the fore, alongside those of organisers and practitioners. Data were coded and analysed thematically, using grounded theory methods. As a result of this process, the thesis argues that the phenomenon of music interventions can be understood as evolving across six critical junctures—sites of negotiation between the various actors—that produce decisions and actions that critically shape each project. The critical junctures—Aims and Motivations, Buildings and Facilities, Pedagogy and Learning Materials, Organisational Culture, Internal Engagement, and External Engagement—also have implications for sustainability, as they rep [...]
doi:10.25904/1912/1347 fatcat:n3ckl6cvzva4toqp7j323xvedi