Characterization of the Methylation-sensitive Promoter of the ImprintedZACGene Supports Its Role in Transient Neonatal Diabetes Mellitus

Annie Varrault, Benoit Bilanges, Deborah J. G. Mackay, Eugenia Basyuk, Barbara Ahr, Céline Fernandez, David O. Robinson, Joël Bockaert, Laurent Journot
2001 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
ZAC is a recently isolated zinc finger protein that induces apoptosis and cell cycle arrest. The corresponding gene is imprinted maternally through an unknown mechanism and maps to 6q24 -q25, within the minimal interval harboring the gene responsible for transient neonatal diabetes mellitus (TNDM) and a tumor suppressor gene involved in breast cancer. Because of its functional properties, imprinting status, and expression pattern in mammary cell lines and tumors, ZAC is the best candidate so
more » ... for both disease conditions. In the present work, we delineated ZAC genomic organization and mapped its transcriptional start site. It is noteworthy that the ZAC promoter localized to the CpG island harboring the methylation imprint associated with TNDM and methylation of this promoter silenced its activity. These data indicate that the methylation mark may have a direct effect on the silencing of the ZAC imprinted allele. Our findings further strengthen the hypothesis that ZAC is the gene responsible for TNDM and suggest a novel mechanism for ZAC inactivation in breast tumors.
doi:10.1074/jbc.c100095200 pmid:11297535 fatcat:zpp4japuknd2po3ryjtyydi6n4