Combustion Oscillation Control by Cyclic Fuel Injection

G. A. Richards, M. J. Yip, E. Robey, L. Cowell, D. Rawlins
1995 Volume 3: Coal, Biomass and Alternative Fuels; Combustion and Fuels; Oil and Gas Applications; Cycle Innovations   unpublished
A number of recent articles have demonstrated the use of active control to mitigate the effects of combustion instability in afterburner and dump combustor applications. In these applications, cyclic injection of small quantities of control fuel has been proposed to counteract the periodic heat release that contributes to undesired pressure oscillations. This same technique may also be useful to mitigate oscillations in gas turbine combustors, especially in test rig combustors characterized by
more » ... s characterized by acoustic modes that do not exist in the final engine configuration. To address this issue, the present paper reports on active control of a subscale, atmospheric pressure nozzle/combustor arrangement. The fuel is natural gas. Cyclic injection of 14% control fuel in a premix fuel nozzle is shown to reduce oscillating pressure amplitude by a factor of 0.30 (i.e., -10 dB) at 300 Hz. Measurement of the oscillating heat release is also reported.
doi:10.1115/95-gt-224 fatcat:fnjtjkyicbdujads3zdajiiuhy