Proper definitions for lag phase in gastric emptying of solid foods [letter]

A H Maurer, L C Knight, B Krevsky
1992 Journal of Nuclear Medicine  
Material and Methods section, consistsof particles2â€"5 mm in size. Most of these particles therefore do not need to undergo trituration. Their short lag phase likely represents only the time for these small particles to reach the antrum following which they quickly begin to empty. The true solid in their study was the beef stew which was not labeled and therefore not evaluated. In an earlier article, these authors validated their surface labeled pate by comparison to an intracellular label and
more » ... found similar emptying curves. It should be noted however that they diced the intracellularly-labeledchicken liver cubes into â€oe2-3 mm chunks― (8). As pointed out by Christian et aL, numerous recent papers have reportedthat a lagphasefor solidfoodemptyingdoesexist. All these reports have used either whole in vivo chicken liver or labeled egg and not a liver pate (7â€"14). Both articles they cited, which have supported the concept of no lag phase, used a radiolabel that did not label the solid [e.g., technetium-sulfur colloid mixed with mashed potato (15) and chromium-51 in porridge (16) ]. In those articles, in which a true 1991;32:1349â€"1352. 2. Cannon WB. The movements of the stomach studied by means of the Roentgen rays. Am J Physiol 1898;l:359â€"382. 3. Cannon WB. The receptive relaxation of the stomach. Am I Physiol 191l;29:267â€"273. 4. MeyerJH, Ohashi H, Jehn D, Thompson JB. Size ofliver particles emptied from the human stomach. Gastroenterology 1981;80:1489â€"1496. 5. Minami H, McCallum RW. The physiology and pathophysiology of gastric emptying in humans. Gaszroenzero!ogy 1984;86:1592â€"1610. 6. Siegel JA, Urbain JL, Adler LP, et al. Biphasic nature ofgastric emptying. Gut 1988;29:85â€"89. 7. Urbain JL, Siegel JA, Charkes ND, Maurer AH, Malmud LS, Fisher RS. The two-component stomach: effects of meal particle size on fundal and antral emptying. Eu, INuciMed 1989;l5:254â€"259. 8. Christian PE, Moore JO, Datz FL. Comparison of Tc-99m-labeled liver and liver pate as markers for solid-phase gastric emptying. J Nuci Med l984;25:364â€"366. 9. Camillen M, Malagelada JR. Brown ML, Becker 0, Zinsmeister AR. Relation between antral motility and gastric emptying ofsolids and liquids in humans. Am J Physiol 1985;245:O580â€"0585. 10. Collins PJ, Horowitz M, Cook DJ, Harding PE, Shearman DJC. Gastric :// This article and updated information are available at: Information about subscriptions to JNM can be found at:
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