Metallicity and kinematics of a large sample of LMC and SMC clusters

A. J. Grocholski, M. C. Parisi, D. Geisler, A. Sarajedini, A. A. Cole, J. J. Clariá, V. V. Smith
2008 Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union  
We have carried out a large-scale investigation of the metallicity and kinematics for a number of LMC and SMC star clusters using Ca ii triplet spectra obtained at the VLT. Our sample includes 28 LMC and 16 SMC clusters, covering a wide range of ages and spatial extent of the host galaxy. We determine mean cluster velocities to about 2 km s −1 and metallicities to 0.05 dex (random error), from about 7 members per cluster. Herein we present the main results for this study for the cluster
more » ... ity distributions, metallicity gradients, age-metallicity relations and kinematics.
doi:10.1017/s1743921308028597 fatcat:ts44zsr37beqrcuqegw3p7up2e