Highly adaptable MEMS-based display with wide projection angle

Veljko Milanovic, Kenneth Castelino, Daniel T. McCormick
2007 2007 IEEE 20th International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)  
We demonstrate a MEMS-based display system with a very wide projection angle of up to 120°. The system utilizes a gimbal-less two-axis micromirror scanner for high-speed laser beam-steering in both axes. The optical scan angle of the micromirrors is up to 16° on each axis. A custom-designed fisheye lens is utilized to magnify scan angles. The system can display a variety of vector graphics as well as multiframe animations at arbitrary refresh rates, up to the overall bandwidth limit of the MEMS
more » ... device. It is also possible to operate the scanners in point-to-point scanning, resonant and/or rastering modes. The system is highly adaptable for projection on a variety of surfaces including projection on specially coated transparent surfaces (Fig. 3 .) The size of the displayed area, refresh rate, display mode (vector graphic or image raster,) and many other parameters are all adjustable by the user. The small size of the MEMS devices and lens as well as the ultra-low power consumption of the MEMS devices, in the milliwatt range, makes the overall system highly portable and miniaturizable.
doi:10.1109/memsys.2007.4433036 fatcat:hcgbmvieubcczorqmtfy4lzv4a