HYMM: A New Heuristic in Cloud Computing

Neha Sharma, Sanjay Tyagi, Swati Atri
2017 International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
Cloud computing is getting popular day by day. With increase in popularity, the computational requirement of computing has also increased. For effective and efficient cloud computing environment, one major requirement is scheduling of tasks. For effective computing, various task scheduling algorithms have been developed so far. This paper introduces a new scheduling algorithm based on two traditional yet conventional algorithms known as Min-Min and Max-Min. This proposed algorithm utilizes the
more » ... rithm utilizes the advantages of both and tries to overcome the disadvantages of them. For evaluating this work, a simulator known as CloudSim has been used. Then the proposed algorithm has been compared based on makespan, average resource utilization and load balancing factor with the existing conventional heuristic algorithms. Results and Analysis show that the proposed algorithm outperforms the Min-Min and Max-Min heuristic algorithms.