Effect of blood's velocity on blood resistivity

T. Xie, S.C. Tjin, Q. Yang, S.L. Ng
IMTC/98 Conference Proceedings. IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference. Where Instrumentation is Going (Cat. No.98CH36222)  
Blood resistivity is an important quantity whose value influences the results of various methods used in the study of heart and circulation. In this paper, the relationship between blood resistivity and velocity of blood flow was evaluated and analyzed based upon a probe using six-ring electrodes and a circulatory model. The experimental results indicated that the change in blood resistivity was only 61.1% when the velocity of blood flow changed from 2.83 to 40 cm/s and it rose to 23% when the
more » ... se to 23% when the velocity was lower than 2.83 cm/s.
doi:10.1109/imtc.1998.679760 fatcat:butqwtac7ngcneq4oof6cbdsdy