Browsed-Class Method of Estimating Shrub Utilization

Ervin M. Schmutz
1983 Journal of range management  
The browsed-class method has been developed to measureshrub utilization based on total weight of the plant. It uses growth form to place grazed shrubs into 6 browsed-classes. The method is fast, statistically sound, relatively free from personal bias, easy to learn and use, and can be used in research or land manngement. In a IO-year ease study to determine proper use of hairy mountninmahogany, plants were clipped initially and then reclipped once each year in the fall or winterovera
more » ... terovera 'I-yearperiod at 0,10,30, JO, 70 and 90 % levels based on total weight of the plant. This was followed by P 2-year recovery study. Parameters studied were numbers, length, and production of twigs; area of live and dead crown cover; and general vigor and seed production. All criteria, except area of live crown cover, indicated that SO% of total weight WPS proper use of hairy mountain-mahogany.
doi:10.2307/3898358 fatcat:dhyu4kfbg5gxxamcq2mrgclvqu