Searching Community-built Semantic Web Resources to Support Personal Media Annotation

Annett Mitschick, Ronny Winkler, Klaus Meißner
Appropriate annotation of documents is a central aspect of efficient media management and retrieval. As ontology-based description of documents and facts enables exchange and reuse of metadata among communities and across applications, the annotation of personal media collections using Semantic Web technologies benefits from existing (and evolving) information sources on the Internet. This paper addresses conceptual and technical issues of Web search within community-built Semantic Web content
more » ... o retrieve useful information for personal media annotation. After analyzing application scenarios, we introduce a generic and extensible Semantic Web Search Component, which facilitates specific search configurations. As a sample application, we deployed the component within our ontology-based media management system, including evaluation and remarks on quantity and quality of search results with regard to community-built Semantic Web content.