A Novel Process for the Production of Unidirectional Hybrid Flax/Paper Reinforcement for Eco-composite Materials

Ehsan Ameri, Gilbert Lebrun, Luc Laperrière
2014 Procedia CIRP  
In this paper a new process to manufacture unidirectional reinforcements for eco-composite materials, made of natural fibers, is presented. Starting with flax rovings of different sizes, an apparatus was developed to feed and align the rovings over the wet-end section of a paper machine. The short kraft paper fibers are therefore mixed with the long flax roving as the machine is running, and at the end of the process, a sheet of the hybrid dry reinforcement is obtained and cut to size for
more » ... t to size for impregnation with various resins, using different processes. This novel manufacturing process allows for high volume production of reinforcement. It is very flexible, and many different combinations of long and short fibers can be exploited for the production of a vast variety of dry reinforcements. In this paper, composite samples are obtained out of these reinforcements, using the resin infusion (RI) molding process with a commercial epoxy resin. The results are compared with those of usual glass fiber reinforcement. An interesting aspect is that the large variability, typical for natural fibers, is largely reduced when the short kraft fibers are present in the composite. In terms of permeability to resin, reasonably comparable values can be obtained compared to that of glass fabrics, if a low surface density of reinforcement is chosen.
doi:10.1016/j.procir.2014.01.108 fatcat:bqcxqxqdjfd4hdwprd6fy2ne3u