Mona Elramady
2021 Egyptian dental journal  
Mental foramen is the opening of mandibular canal in the mandibular body, and its place shows contra-versus. As mental foramen is an essential anatomical landmark required for implant surgery, the determination of the exact place for the mental foramen to detect exact amount of local anesthesia solution and to decrease dismissed injuries during the prosthetic surgical treatments. The determination of the situation of mental foramen according to its site in horizontal and vertical direction of
more » ... ntal foramen according to the adjacent premolars and molars on the skull, diagnostic radiographs, and CBCT. Objectives: Assessment of mental foramen related landmarks using computed tomography scan by a new computerized method. Materials and Methods: Twelve patients ranging from 45-60 years old came to the department of prosthodontics, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt. The anatomical structural landmarks such as mandibular canal, mental foramen according to its site relative to the lower border of the mandible of the mandible were evaluated by radiographic CT and scores were assessed and compared at baseline, after 6 months and after 12 months. All the measurements done by Image J computed program which was not used in the previous studies. Results: Anatomical landmark structures in the mandible (mandibular canal, mandibular foramen, mental foramen, and incisive canal) were detected and measurements in millimeter were recorded by using CT images. Conclusion: An essential anatomical landmark for the dentist is the place of mental foramen so, the dentists must have attention about this anatomical landmark before any surgical procedure including mental foramen region. Computed tomography (CT) is highly essential measure to avoid any expected complication.
doi:10.21608/edj.2021.74887.1616 fatcat:aoj42q6x4jcjtozicx7pbdcx4u