Non-Structural Damage Verification of the High Pressure Pump Assembly Ball Valve in the Gasoline Direct Injection Vehicle System

Liang Lu, Qilong Xue, Manyi Zhang, Liangliang Liu, Zhongyu Wu
2019 Processes  
The injection pressure of the gasoline direct injection vehicle is currently developing from the low pressure to the high pressure, and the increase of the injection pressure has brought various damage problems to the high pressure pump structure. These problems should be solved urgently. In this paper, the damage problem of the high pressure pump unloading valve ball in a gasoline direct injection vehicle under high pressure conditions is studied. The theoretical calculation of the force of
more » ... of the force of the pressure relief valve is carried out. Firstly, the equivalent friction coefficient is obtained by decoupling analysis of the statically indeterminate model. Based on this, a finite element model is established. The equivalent stress is obtained by numerical simulation. The equivalent stress is compared with the yield strength of the valve ball material to determine that the valve ball damage is a non-static damage. At the same time, the s-N curve of the probability of destruction of one-millionth of the material of the valve ball is given. Then, the fatigue numerical simulation is performed. A safety factor of 3.66 is obtained. In summary, the high pressure relief valve ball in the direct injection high pressure pump should not be a traditional structural damage under high pressure conditions. In the theoretical calculation, the tangential displacement and radial displacement of the ball are all on the micrometer level. It can be presumed that the surface damage of the valve ball is microscopic damage, such as fretting wear.
doi:10.3390/pr7110857 fatcat:77bh3ltsnbeahilpk527p6phru