Histological structure of albino rats' stomach

V. H. Hryn
2019 Морфологія  
structure of albino rats' stomach. Ukrainian medical stomatological academy, Poltava, Ukraine ABSTRACT. Background. In experimental medicine, albino rats are the most preferable laboratory animals in simulating various pathological conditions, the validity of which extrapolation of the results to humans should be previously justified by the degree of interspecific morphofunctional identity of the organs studied. Objective. Study and systematization of the features of the histological structure
more » ... ological structure of the albino rats stomach. Methods. 30 mature albino male rats weighted 200,0±20,0 g were involved into the study. The specimens of albino rats stomach, fixed in 10% neutral buffered formalin solution, have been studied. The study was carried out using conventional histological methods for obtaining serial paraffin sections of 4 µm thick, stained with hematoxylin-eosin. The obtained specimens were studied on the "Konus" light microscope equipped with Sigeta DCM-900 9.0MP digital microphoto attachment with the Biorex 3 (serial number 5604) software adapted for these studies. Results. An exceptional feature of the mucous membrane of the fundus of the albino rats' stomach is that it is coated with a relatively thick, stratified squamous partlially keratinized epithelium, which is characteristic to surfaces exposed to mechanical action. Histological structure of the mucous membrane of the albino rats' stomach assigns the fundus (fundal or nonglandular part) to the specific feature of the above laboratory animals. The mucous membrane of the gastric (glandular) part, being basically homologous to a human one, differs from it by the extremely dense concentration of tubular glands, in the walls of which all necessary exocrinocytes are located, providing enzymatic digestion processes in acidic medium. Conclusion. The fundus of the stomach of albino rats is intended to act as a peculiar mixer of the bolus and to move it into the glandular part of the stomach. Histological structure of the mucous membrane of the albino rats' stomach shows that only the pyloric and gastric (glandular) parts are totally homologous to the human stomach, which should be taken into account when planning experimental studies.
doi:10.26641/1997-9665.2019.2.6-12 fatcat:ll5neexgujdajft2su44yllm3u