On-Line Estimation of All Electrical Parameters in Induction Machines subject to Stator Fault

Mikael Stocks, Alexander Medvedev
2007 Control Applications (CCA), Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on  
Identification of all the electrical parameters of Induction Machines (IMs) is a prerequisite for successful modelbased control and/or fault detection. Most of the existing identification methods of symmetrical IMs are, strictly speaking, valid only at stationary conditions, which limitation results in either poor dynamics excitation or gross approximation errors, depending on the working conditions of the motor. In this paper, the topic of identification of all electrical parameters of faulty
more » ... rameters of faulty IMs is addressed for the first time. A method for on-line observer-based estimation of all electrical parameters of IMs with faulty stator is presented aiming primarily at fault tolerant control and fault detection. The approach does not rely on any assumptions regarding the rotor angular speed and/or acceleration.
doi:10.1109/isic.2007.4359622 fatcat:n2wqs2yeafdyrjiqjd742n4uwa