An Invincible Rudimentary Architecture for Data Security in Cloud Environment Using Multi Cloud

Cloud is a distributed access of shared pool of resources that can provide the efficient service on demand basics to cloud user by the service providers. The important functions of cloud computing are storage and computation. The cloud user can use the cloud functions without any computing resources. Because of the popularity of cloud computing, providing security to the stored data is a major concern. In the literature, there are various works which have been proposed to provide the efficient
more » ... ecurity to the stored data in cloud environment. This paper provides the details of need of security in cloud environment, various categories of security threats, mechanisms, cloud architecture, multi-cloud and various security algorithms in detailed manner. The main attention of this paper is to point out the works on security in cloud computing, show the proposed architecute of multi cloud instead of single cloud and the way for the future work for the efficient design of cloud secure service system.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.g5457.0981119 fatcat:7r5i6galhnac3c5klsyf243vsu