Fractals and dynamical chaos in a random 2D Lorentz gas with sinks

I. Claus, P. Gaspard, H. van Beijeren
2004 Physica D : Non-linear phenomena  
Two-dimensional random Lorentz gases with absorbing traps are considered in which a moving point particle undergoes elastic collisions on hard disks and annihilates when reaching a trap. In systems of finite spatial extension, the asymptotic decay of the survival probability is exponential and characterized by an escape rate, which can be related to the average positive Lyapunov exponent and to the dimension of the fractal repeller of the system. For infinite systems, the survival probability
more » ... eys a stretched exponential law of the form P(c,t) exp(-Ct^1/2). The transition between the two regimes is studied and we show that, for a given trap density, the non-integer dimension of the fractal repeller increases with the system size to finally reach the integer dimension of the phase space. Nevertheless, the repeller remains fractal. We determine the special scaling properties of this fractal.
doi:10.1016/j.physd.2003.09.009 fatcat:z7drnyiqlbcxxfnh46t6cxl7gq