Some Comparative Studies for Cursive Handwritten Tifinagh Characters Recognition Systems

B. El Kesab, C. Daoui, B. Bouikhalene, R. Salouan
2014 International Journal of Hybrid Information Technology  
In this research, we present two comparative studies; the first one is between two methods of features extraction which are the mathematical morphology, the zoning and the hybridization of these two methods. The second comparative study is between both supervised methods used in learning-classification which are the Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP) and the Support Vector Machines (SVM) applied to cursive handwritten Tifinagh characters recognition. The obtained experimental result demonstrates that
more » ... the hybrid method is most efficient and the SVM is more performing than the MLP. Keywords: The cursive handwritten Tifinagh characters, the thresholding, the centering and the normalization techniques, the zoning and the mathematical morphology methods, the The obtained results of the recognition rates of each character τ c and the global rate τ g are grouped in the following table:
doi:10.14257/ijhit.2014.7.6.25 fatcat:5zfxu6lrvjg7bpkjlcjfkuvlr4