Supplementary Information to the paper in J. R. Soc. Interface \Model Predictions of Deformation, Embolization, and Permeability of Partially Obstructive Blood Clots under Variable Shear Flow" from Model predictions of deformation, embolization and permeability of partially obstructive blood clots under variable shear flow

Shixin Xu, Zhiliang Xu, Oleg V. Kim, Rustem I. Litvinov, John W. Weisel, Mark Alber
2017 Figshare  
Energetic Variational Approach (EnVarA), based on the first and second laws of thermodynamics, is grew out of the seminal work of Lars Onsager [10, 11] . The EnVarA has been extensively used to model complex fluid systems [9] . The general framework of the EnVarA is based on the combination of the statistical physics and nonlinear thermodynamics. The Least Action Principle (LAP) is applied to the Hamiltonian part of the energy functional to obtain conservative force. The Maximum Dissipation
more » ... ciple (MDP) is used to obtain the dissipative force. The final equation of motion is obtained by balancing conservative and dissipative forces. The total energy functional E tot of the system used for modeling deformation of already formed blood clot, combines macroscopic kinetic energy E kin , which arises from the macroscopic flow, and microscopic energy, consisting of the elastic energy E ela and the mixing energy E coh representing interactions between different phases:
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