Towards scalable real-time analytics

Anil K. Goel, Wolfgang Lehner, Jeffrey Pound, Nathan Auch, Peter Bumbulis, Scott MacLean, Franz Färber, Francis Gropengiesser, Christian Mathis, Thomas Bodner
2015 Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment  
We present an overview of our work on the SAP HANA Scale-out Extension, a novel distributed database architecture designed to support large scale analytics over realtime data. This platform permits high performance OLAP with massive scale-out capabilities, while concurrently allowing OLTP workloads. This dual capability enables analytics over real-time changing data and allows fine grained userspecified service level agreements (SLAs) on data freshness. We advocate the decoupling of core
more » ... e components such as query processing, concurrency control, and persistence, a design choice made possible by advances in highthroughput low-latency networks and storage devices. We provide full ACID guarantees and build on a logical timestamp mechanism to provide MVCC-based snapshot isolation, while not requiring synchronous updates of replicas. Instead, we use asynchronous update propagation guaranteeing consistency with timestamp validation. We provide a view into the design and development of a large scale data management platform for real-time analytics, driven by the needs of modern enterprise customers.
doi:10.14778/2824032.2824069 fatcat:l5e333puhveknacqp2bc2r75t4