Physicochemical, antioxidant and in-vitro release behaviour of burfi added with curcumin as a source of functional ingredient

Gote Shubham Dattatraya, Writdhama Prasad, Kaushik Khamrui
2020 Indian journal of dairy science  
The present study was conducted to explore the benefits of curcumin and to enhance the antioxidant potential of burfi. Three different forms of curcumin viz. native curcumin, curcumin emulsion, and dried curcumin encapsulate powder were added to burfi. Addition of curcumin in burfi resulted in significant (P<0.05) increase in the antioxidant potential. A highest antioxidant potential with minimal decrease in the sensorial and colour attributes was observed in dried encapsulate added at patting
more » ... e added at patting stage. The functional properties were enhanced with the extent of dried curcumin encapsulate in burfi. The in-vitro study revealed that encapsulated curcumin was the most suitable form for addition in burfi as 63% of curcumin retention was observed after intestinal digestion. Curcumin encapsulate added burfi was found effective against fungal spoilage-causing microorganisms due to the reduction of 0.35 Log CFU/ml Aspergillus flavus and 0.47 Log CFU/ml Aspergillus niger. The available curcumin restricts the growth of spoilage-causing microorganisms and thus extends the shelf life of curcumin encapsulate added burfi by 3 days when stored at 30±1°C. Thus, curcumin in the form of dried encapsulate was found to be effective for enhancement of antioxidant potential and shelf life of burfi.
doi:10.33785/ijds.2020.v73i03.003 fatcat:nj4jwzir5vbpjgijbozcd6qspq