NSLS-II Active Interlock System and Post-Mortem Architecture

Kiman Ha, Eric Blum, Weixing Cheng, Jinhyuk Choi, Yong Hu, Danny Padrazo, Sergei Seletskiy, Om Singh, Reid Smith, Juri Tagger, Yuke Tian, Gang Wang (+6 others)
The NSLS-II at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) started the user beam service in early 2015, and is currently operating 13 of the insertion device (ID) and beamlines as well as constructing new beamlines. The fast machine protection consists of an active interlock system (AIS), beam position monitor (BPM), cell controller (CCs) and front-end (FE) systems. The AIS measures the electron beam envelop and the dumps the beam by turning off RF system, and then the diagnostic system provides the
more » ... st-mortem data for an analysis of which system caused the beam dump and the machine status analysis. NSLS-II post-mortem system involves AIS, CCs, BPMs, radio frequency system (RFs), power supply systems (PSs) as well as the timing system. This paper describes the AIS architecture and PM performance for NSLS-II safe operations.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ipac2016-thpoy048 fatcat:uefrqevhlfdktirq5zoiftf5zy