Effect of Soaking Period on the Ogi Powder Produced from Sorghum

Z.O. Apotiola
2013 Nigerian Food Journal  
Based on previous research works, it was necessary to investigate the effects of varying steeping period on the quality of ogi powder. Sorghum grain steeped for 24, 36, 48, 60 and 72 h was processed into ogi making use of the traditional method and subsequently dried at 55 o C. The ogi powder obtained was analyzed for proximate composition, functional and pasting properties and consumer acceptability was also carried out. The results showed that the loose and pack bulk density ranged from 0.27
more » ... y ranged from 0.27 -0.31 g/ml and 0.53 -0.55g/ml respectively from all the steeping periods. Water absorption capacity was from 178 -199 g/100 g. Linear relationship described well the increase in water and oil absorption in this study and the coefficient of correlation (R 2 ) was 0.988 and 0.814 respectively. Emulsion capacity increased from 19.40 -21.25 g/100 g for all the steeping periods emulsion stability increased from 6.50 -6.70%. Foaming capacity decreased from 15.05 -13.10% for all the soaking periods. Swelling index was between 6.9 -7.2 per cent for all the steeping periods 5.05 -5.51 min respectively. There was significant difference (p < 0.05) in the peak viscosity, final, trough, and set back viscosities. These pasting properties decreased with increase in soaking period.
doi:10.1016/s0189-7241(15)30063-1 fatcat:qlgrl4td4jbv3o43va77p7xa6e