Original Article CTNNA1 promotor hypermethylation in chronic myeloid leukemia

Pinfang He, Dongming Yao, Zhen Qian, Qin Chen, Xingxing Chen, Lei Yang, Jing Yang, Xiangmei Wen, Jichun Ma, Jiang Lin, Jun Qian
2016 Int J Clin Exp Pathol   unpublished
Aberrant DNA methylation plays a significant role in the pathogenesis of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). CTNNA1 has been found to be low-expressed in some hematologic malignancies and various solid cancers. In the current study, we analyzed the methylation status of CTNNA1 promoter in 70 Chinese patients with CML using methylation-specific PCR (MSP) and examined CTNNA1 expression in 36 patients using real-time quantitative PCR (RQ-PCR). CTNNA1 promoter hypermethylation was present in 21 (30.0%)
more » ... CML cases. No significant differences were found in sex, white blood cells, hemoglobin concentration, platelet counts, chromosomal abnormalities and BCR-ABL transcript between CTNNA1 hypermethylated and unmethylated groups (P>0.05). However, the age in methylated patients was significant higher than unmethylated patients (median 56 vs 41.5 years, P = 0.016). The frequency of CTNNA1 promoter hypermethylation in chronic phase, in accelerated phase and in blast crisis were 30.9% (17/55), 33.3% (1/3) and 25.0% (3/12), respectively (P>0.05). Patients with CTNNA1 hypermethylation had significantly lower level of CTNNA1 expression (median 0.04) than those with CTNNA1 unmethylation (median 0.51) (P = 0.020). Our data suggest that hypermethylation of CTNNA1 promoter is a frequent molecular alteration in the CML patients.