A.S. Bafadhal
2021 Russian Journal of Agricultural and Socio-Economic Sciences  
Malang has been officially appointed as the Heritage City, with Heritage Village Kajoetangan as the landmark. The new status adds value to the city yet also brings a risk of overtourism that may disrupt the sustainability of the city. Even though tourist attractions have been reopened in the second quarter of the Covid-19 pandemic, local communities are anxious about tourists visiting their heritage houses. They tend to limit their interactions with visitors, which then decreases their earnings
more » ... from the tourism sector. This study proposed an alternative solution for this problem by developing a web VR-based virtual tourism. In this Research and Development (R&D), virtual tourism appeared as a strategic visualization suitable to complement the tourism programs in Kajoetangan. Virtual tourism provides a realistic virtual experience that shortens the duration of visits, thereby reducing the visitor flow and controlling overtourism during the Covid-19 pandemic.
doi:10.18551/rjoas.2021-08.01 fatcat:mj7gil4syvdbvizm7g3dx5kqve