A Mechanism for Recognizing and Suppressing the Emergent Behavior of UAV Swarm

Qiang Liu, Ming He, Daqin Xu, Ning Ding, Yong Wang
2018 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
Similar to social animals in nature, UAV swarm is also a complex system that can produce emergent behavior. The emergent behavior of UAV swarm in specific airspace is undoubtedly the act that the defense side does not expect to see; therefore, recognition and suppression of the emergent behavior of UAVs swarm are needed. Based on the analysis of the UAV swarm emergent behavior mechanism, by adopting f-divergence method, UAV swarm emergent behavior was quantified, and a rapid recognition
more » ... m of emergent behavior has been established, thus, making preparation for the suppression of the emergent behavior. In the academic circle, for the first time, in accordance with heuristic rules governing the algorithms of UAV swarm suppression, principle of emergent behavior suppression has been proposed, failure judgment model of UAV swarm control under interference conditions has been constructed, the stability of UAV swarm has been analyzed, and the combat command process of UAV swarm based on OODA loop has been put forward. Through the simulation, the comparison of information entropy and f-divergence based emergence measurement method has been made, and f-divergence based method has some advantages for measuring the emergence of UAV swarm. From the analysis and discussion of the inhibitory effect on swarm flocking behavior under different interference intensity and timing, conclusion has been drawn that comprehensive suppression on the premise of correct recognition of flocking behavior is the best strategy fighting against UAV swarm emergent behavior.
doi:10.1155/2018/6734923 fatcat:s325dgdc7rcanoec26oly352du