Genetic information, physical interpreters and thermodynamics; the material-informatic basis of biosemiosis [article]

Peter R. Wills
2013 arXiv   pre-print
The sequence of nucleotide bases occurring in an organism's DNA is often regarded as a codescript for its construction. However, information in a DNA sequence can only be regarded as a codescript relative to an operational biochemical machine, which the information constrains in such a way as to direct the process of construction. In reality, any biochemical machine for which a DNA codescript is efficacious is itself produced through the mechanical interpretation of an identical or very similar
more » ... codescript. In these terms the origin of life can be described as a bootstrap process involving the simultaneous accumulation of genetic information and the generation of a machine that interprets it as instructions for its own construction. This problem is discussed within the theoretical frameworks of thermodynamics, informatics and self-reproducing automata, paying special attention to the physico-chemical origin of genetic coding and the conditions, both thermodynamic and informatic, which a system must fulfil in order for it to sustain semiosis. The origin of life is equated with biosemiosis
arXiv:1308.2107v1 fatcat:vkcxczg2s5cinazdsdqdws5xke