Research and Development Strategies for Hybrid japonica Rice

Wenjing Zheng, Zuobin Ma, Mingzhu Zhao, Minggang Xiao, Jiaming Zhao, Changhua Wang, Hong Gao, Yuanjun Bai, Hui Wang, Guomin Sui
2020 Rice  
The utilization of heterosis has resulted in significant breakthroughs in rice breeding. However, the development of hybrid japonica has been slow in comparison with that of hybrid indica. The present review explores the history and current status of hybrid japonica breeding. With the creation of japonica cytoplasmic male sterility and photo-thermo-sensitive genic male sterile lines, both three-line and two-line systems of hybrid rice have been created, and a series of hybrid japonica rice
more » ... ties have been developed and cultivated widely. At the same time, some progress has been made in genetic research of molecular mechanism for heterosis and QTL mapping for traits such as fertility, stigma exposure and flower time. In addition, genomics and transcriptome have been widely used in the research of hybrid rice, which provides a strong support for its development. Although the research on hybrid japonica has made many advances, there are still some restrictive problems. Based on the research and production of hybrid japonica rice, the prospect and development strategies of hybrid japonica rice are analyzed.
doi:10.1186/s12284-020-00398-0 pmid:32514748 fatcat:6gcktf3rovdbzijh4mokudymwi