Remote control system for street lighting based on internet of things technologies

G. Vlah-Vigrinovka, Lviv Polytechnic National University, M. Vigrinovsky, O. Ivanyuk, Lviv Polytechnic National University, Lviv Polytechnic National University
2021 Computer Technologies of Printing  
In this article, we propose a system for controlling street lighting to ensure the comfortable and safe movement of people on the street at night time using the geofencing function in a mobile application. The modern IoT approach of remote control of street lighting by the simplifi ed network protocol MQTT working on TCP / IP is considered. The publisher-subscriber model for exchanging data between street lights and a mobile app is implemented through the Mosquitto broker. The street lamp
more » ... l unit is implemented on the LuaNode32 WI-FI ESP-WROOM-32 IoT platform. The main goal is to create a full-fl edged application that combines the use of a cloud server, lighting devices, and a database for remote control of the lighting system. The development of the software part was carried out in high-level languages Python, Lua, Javascript. To get a system that can be easily supported in the future, popular frameworks and libraries were used, such as Flask, pahomqtt, jQuery, which are characterized by their open-source code. The hardware and software implementation of the IoT-based street lighting control system and their relative functions are also clarifi ed.
doi:10.32403/2411-9210-2021-1-45-26-32 fatcat:raxhvq5yrzb2hdjahsdobcdvwu