Climatization for scheduled ripening of caja-manga

Paula Silva Siqueira Ana, Henrique Costa Vasconcelos Luis, Pradi Vendruscolo Eduardo, Schott da Silva Custódio Bianca, Pereira Costa Daianna, Carvalho Faria Tatiana, Seleguini Alexsander
2017 African Journal of Agricultural Research  
Being a climacteric fruit, the caja harvested still green has uneven ripening. Thus, the aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of ripening techniques aiming to promote a uniform ripening and reduction of quality loss in caja-manga fruits. The treatments resulted from the application of four ripening techniques (control, muffled, ethrel, and calcium carbide) and they were evaluated in 5 times, with 3 days intervals, for 12 days (0, 3, 6, 9, and 12 days). The fruits were evaluated
more » ... evaluated physico-chemically with respect to soluble solids, titratable acidity, ratio, firmness, and color. Although, all treatments promoted the fruit ripening, ethrel showed homogenous and consistent fruit characteristics with ripening reactions in 6 days, being considered the best treatment. It showed intense yellow color (85 Hue), weight loss of about 5% compared to other treatments and tissue softening (29 N firmness) and increase in soluble solids (Brix 11°). a Regressions: Control y= 0.9301x -0.2106, R² = 0.9656; Muffling y= 1.2355x -1.6382, R² = 0.942; Carbide y= 0.8776x -0.9954, R² = 0.9573; Ethrel y= 0.9841x -0.5916, R² = 0.9812 Regressions: Control y= -1.7911x + 98.904, R² = 0.6487; Muffling y= -1.8651x + 102.23, R² = 0.882; Carbide y= -1.6582x + 102.73, R² = 0.7475; Ethrel y= -2.182x + 100.83, R² = 0.7075 a,b Means followed by the same letter on the same line do not differ significantly.
doi:10.5897/ajar2016.11565 fatcat:gx7msnajbfdt5ln765lfz6u2va