Ceramics based on reactively sintered boron carbide

A. I. Ovsienko, V. I. Rumyantsev, S. S. Ordanian
The investigating results are given on the process parameters' influence on the phase and structure formation in the course of the B4C based materials' reactive sintering under the Si molten presence. The interaction of the B4C particles and carbon with the molten silicon was regarded during the reactive sintering. The negative effect of the B4C particles' dissolution in the molten silicon within the reactive sintering was noticed. The methods to raise the boron carbide particles' content in
more » ... ceramics based on the reactively sintered boron carbide were discussed.Ill. 10. Ref. 24. Tab. 1.
doi:10.17073/1683-4518-2018-10-9-15 fatcat:egimf4kfvnhn5jocl3gg7vzajq