A Tutorial on Bandit Learning and Its Applications in 5G Mobile Edge Computing (Invited Paper)

Sige Liu, Peng Cheng, Zhuo Chen, Branka Vucetic, Yonghui Li
2022 Frontiers in Signal Processing  
Due to the rapid development of 5G and Internet-of-Things (IoT), various emerging applications have been catalyzed, ranging from face recognition, virtual reality to autonomous driving, demanding ubiquitous computation services beyond the capacity of mobile users (MUs). Mobile cloud computing (MCC) enables MUs to offload their tasks to the remote central cloud with substantial computation and storage, at the expense of long propagation latency. To solve the latency issue, mobile edge computing
more » ... MEC) pushes its servers to the edge of the network much closer to the MUs. It jointly considers the communication and computation to optimize network performance by satisfying quality-of-service (QoS) and quality-of-experience (QoE) requirements. However, MEC usually faces a complex combinatorial optimization problem with the complexity of exponential scale. Moreover, many important parameters might be unknown a-priori due to the dynamic nature of the offloading environment and network topology. In this paper, to deal with the above issues, we introduce bandit learning (BL), which enables each agent (MU/server) to make a sequential selection from a set of arms (servers/MUs) and then receive some numerical rewards. BL brings extra benefits to the joint consideration of offloading decision and resource allocation in MEC, including the matched mechanism, situation awareness through learning, and adaptability. We present a brief tutorial on BL of different variations, covering the mathematical formulations and corresponding solutions. Furthermore, we provide several applications of BL in MEC, including system models, problem formulations, proposed algorithms and simulation results. At last, we introduce several challenges and directions in the future research of BL in 5G MEC.
doi:10.3389/frsip.2022.864392 fatcat:njfrjplwcnh2phkly5dlwkefom