A BERT-Based Multi-Criteria Recommender System for Hotel Promotion Management

Yuanyuan Zhuang, Jaekyeong Kim
2021 Sustainability  
Numerous reviews are posted every day on travel information sharing platforms and sites. Hotels want to develop a customer recommender system to quickly and effectively identify potential target customers. TripAdvisor, the travel website that provided the data used in this study, allows customers to rate the hotel based on six criteria: Value, Service, Location, Room, Cleanliness, and Sleep Quality. Existing studies classify reviews into positive, negative, and neutral by extracting sentiment
more » ... rms through simple sentimental analysis. However, this method has limitations in that it does not consider various aspects of hotels well. Therefore, this study performs fine-tuning the BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) model using review data with rating labels on the TripAdvisor site. This study suggests a multi-criteria recommender system to recommend a suitable target customers for the hotel. As the rating values of six criteria of TripAdvisor are insufficient, the proposed recommender system uses fine-tuned BERT to predict six criteria ratings. Based on this predicted ratings, a multi-criteria recommender system recommends personalized Top-N customers for each hotel. The performance of the multi-criteria recommender system suggested in this study is better than that of the benchmark system, a single-criteria recommender system using overall ratings.
doi:10.3390/su13148039 fatcat:hvcfenr3ibdsxozaxfmeh7l5ee