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1899 Scientific American  
The charae jor insertion under thill head is One Dollar a line JOT each insertion: about eioht word8 to a line. .ddvertisements must be received at publication o..!/ia as earlll as Thursdal/ 11Il>1'ning to appear in the jollow ina week's issu e. llarine I ron ,"Yorks. ChlCllIlO. Catalogue free. �'or 1 0 glZing engines. J. 8. Mundy. Newark, N .• J. .. Ii. S."lletal Poli.b. Indianapoli s . Sample. free. J titntific �lUtti'Jn. No. 641, into a dynamo is one thing, to build a dynamo the purpose with
more » ... mo the purpose with projectioll8 making grooves into which I from the street line can be changed into a direct current from the sketch inclosed IS quite another thing. FIret, the coils are wound. These disks are about n inch by the use of a rotary trall8former. Will you please to convcrt the motor. connect to some source of power thick. The armature will then be built as shown in publish in your paper for the benedt of the readers how and run It up to full speed. In caee it does not generate SUPPLEJlIINT No. 600 , price 10 cents. With paper dIsks 8uch a transformer can be made' A. A rotary trall8current, disc03nect tbe field circuit and excite the deld alternating with the wrought iron disks, the armature former is a motor and dynamo working together. It is by a battery. Such small machines are quite likely not core should be a little longer than the width of the pole used when a direct is to be changed to an alternatinl( to be self·excitinl(. Second, it is not well to attempt to pieces. 2. If practical, I should like to get 110 volts current or the reverse. The current to be transformed is nuild II dynamo from your sketch. It is not well de· from it when run as a dynamo. Then what size wire used to drive the motor part and the motor drives the signed. The .,ores of fi eld magnetl! are % by 1% inches, should I use and bow many layers 1 A. For no volts. dynamo portion to I(enerate the current desired. As the having only � square inch area of cross section. Quite use No. 30 A. W. G. single covered wire on armature and machine is usually built, only one deld winding Is used, too @mall. The space left for a spool and wire is only 11( No, 28 A. W. G. siugle covered wire on lIelds, winding but a double winding i. put upon the armature, one of Inch by 2� inches, too small for n winding for 60 volts. the coils to same size as in original form. 3. Sbould it which is the motor circuit and the other the dynamo . Gasoline Brazing Forge . Turner Bra s s Work •. Cbicago. The pole pieces are much too heavy tor the other part!, be wound In twelve or more sections' A. Twelve Is a We have not published the design for any such machine. and the armature space too large. 2. How many, if any. good number of sections for the armature.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican01141899-29 fatcat:m6qbf533sbdchhoepmsp3h4vqu