The Lasting Effect of The Self-Efficacy Promoting Moderate Drinking Program Applied to Female College Students Addicted to Drinking

Gyung Park, Dept. of Nursing, Chodang University, Muangun Muanep, Muanro 380, Jeollanamdo, Repulic of Korea
2016 International Journal of Advanced Nursing Education and Research  
The purpose of this study was to certify the lasting effect of the Self-Efficacy Promoting Moderate Drinking Program on female college students addicted to drinking. This study was based on nonequivalent control group non synchronized design. For data collection was August 2013 -October 2014. This study used the measurement tools were made by the Adolescent committee for the Drinking Related Knowledge, and the Drinking Refusal Selfefficacy made by Aas et al, Korean version by Cho. For the
more » ... Cho. For the Optimistic Drinking Outcome Expectancy measurement, the study used a tool by Annis, Korean version by Kim. The Problematic Drinking Behavior measured by Shin's measurement tool. To analyze the distinction of dependent variables after the program and follow up after 1 month and 1 year on both groups were used t-test and ANCOVA. The result of this study demonstrated that the effect of the Self-efficacy Promoting Moderate alcohol program lasted at least 1 month after intervention, but it was no longer lasted the effect of the all dependent variables at 1 year. The result demonstrated that it was necessary to check the effect through a repetitive study and longitudinal study of this Moderate Drinking Program to mediate the point in time for intervention to maintain a lasting effect of education.
doi:10.21742/ijaner.2016.1.1.16 fatcat:xr4ps2jvfvao5jhmqybhxrdhr4