Crack Detection and Monitoring of Shaft using Artificial Intelligent Way

Mubashir Ramzan
2021 International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology  
In the process of core manufacturing the quality control and its management detection of cracks is one of the fundamental steps of panel products. Old methods used for detection of cracks are quite costly and also takes enough time and maximum of these techniques could only be executed by experts only. So there is need of some fast, accurate and reliable method which should also be automatic so that crack can be detected by without the human intervention. In this thesis a smart way of detection
more » ... rt way of detection of cracks is proposed which is relied on image processing. Here images are captured by the camera and then are examined for whether cracks are present in the mechanical panels and not. Crack detection and as well as its exact position cannot be easily examined by human eye but the camera system can easily recognize the hole or some crack present in the image captured of mechanical device. Crack can be holes or it can be a straight or curved line present in the part. So the proposed system should be able to detect all the irregularities present in the mechanical part. To check and show the capability of the proposed system different mechanical panels and other mechanical parts will be examined and after performing different tests the worthiness of the proposed system will be shown. The system will be evaluated for fast execution time and accuracy of finding the cracks in the mechanical parts.
doi:10.22214/ijraset.2021.33567 fatcat:rygi7too6zcoxnozumpxm6upk4