Biodiversity of fish species of Arut-Kumai Peat Waters, West Kotawaringin District, Central Kalimantan

Eddy Santoso, Gema Wahyudewantoro
2019 Jurnal Iktiologi Indonesia  
The peat waters area such as swamps, lakes and rivers, are essential habitat for many fish which consumed by Arut-Kumai residents who live in the city of Pangkalan Bun. Fish species diversity and its potential are not yet widely known, therefore it needs to be revealed. The research aims to reveal fish biodiversity and its potential in the peat waters of the Arut Lamandau-Kumai River Basin, west Kotawaringin Regency. The study was conducted in October-December 2017. Fish samples were captured
more » ... using cast net, gill nets, hooks and rods, fish traps. During the study period, a number of 95 fish species belonging to 50 genera, 23 families dan 6 orders were collected. The most common family was Cyprinidae, followed by Siluridae, Osphronemidae, Chanidae dan Bagridae. Dominant genera were Osteochilus and Rasbora, Kyrptopterus, Betta Channa. As many as 70 species as consumption fish, 53 species as ornamental fish, while 56 species have the potential as aquaculture fish. The fish habitat in the Arut-Lamandau river is a peat area that stretches in the buffer zone of the eastern part of the Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve, that has been transformed into an oil palm plantation. In addition, logging activity is occurred mainly in peat ecosystem areas in production forest areas. These activities are thought to cause a reduction fish population in Arut-Kumai peat waters.
doi:10.32491/jii.v19i2.497 fatcat:4s32qo7elze7xlay3wuednlutm