Origin and developmental patterns of lactase and other glycosidases in sheep amniotic and allantoic fluid

M. Potier, P. Guay, P. Lamothe, D. Bousquet, L. Dallaire, S. B. Melancon
1979 Reproduction  
Intestinal lactase activity (with its associated cellobiase, 4\ x=r eq-\ methylumbelliferyl-\g=b\-galactosidase and -\g=b\-glucosidaseactivities) was used as a specific intestinal marker enzyme to study the release of protein and enzymes of intestinal origin in sheep amniotic fluid during gestation. In amniotic fluid, intestinal lactase activity peaked at 66\p=n-\85days of gestation and then decreased with gestation. This enzyme activity was very low or absent in allantoic fluid throughout
more » ... uid throughout gestation suggesting that there is no important transfer of amniotic fluid lactase towards the allantoic cavity. Maltase and 4-methylumbelliferyl-\g=a\-glucosidase showed no statistically significant variation with gestation in both amniotic and allantoic fluid whereas \g=a\-galactosidase and N-acetyl-\g=b\-hexosaminidase which were first higher in allantoic than in amniotic fluid increased in amniotic fluid to reach allantoic fluid levels near term. Such patterns are consistent with the suggestion that the fetal urine is a source of \g=a\-galactosidase and N-acetyl-\g=b\-hexosaminidase activities and that sheep urine is first accumulated in the allantoic sac via the urachus up to 86\p=n-\90 days of gestation and thereafter passes more and more into the amniotic sac. O-©O en--«cN oooo
doi:10.1530/jrf.0.0570049 pmid:117104 fatcat:ihcty3b4jvddpmjivb5clomdpu