2000 Interactive Marketing  
Each abstracted article is awarded 05 stars for each of four qualities: (1) depth of research (2) value in practice (3) originality of thinking (4) readability for non-specialists. No abstract is included for any article awarded less than seven stars overall. Call of the very wild T. Phillips JOURNALISTIC. The Guardian (UK) Online, p. 10, 19 August 1999 (1p.) Relates the frustration and rage of consumers faced with call centre systems designed to minimise company costs rather than to assist
more » ... omers, and with e-mail numbers that dont reply. Asserts technology is being exploited at customer expense. Suggests human contact may be necessary even when selling over the Internet hence phone me button on some websites. Reveals advent of software which guesses at the meaning of e-mails, and replies automatically. Lists six examples of the good, the bad, and the ugly, from First Direct (good) to Amex (ugly). Says some of the things that, as consumers, we all know too well, and that, as business people, we prefer to ignore especially in relation to our own companies.
doi:10.1057/palgrave.im.4340041 fatcat:blobdbvavngvzg4d4t43oflmhy