Smart E-Learning

Yvonne Stehule
2009 unpublished
The important question in this paper is, wether the memory is mood-dependent or not, especially in connection with e-learning. This work concentrates on mood and learning. Another important theme is the affect-infusion-modell (Forgas, 1995), which postulates four different strategies of processing (substantive, heuristic, direct and motivational). To check, if learning with the aid of e-learning is mood-dependent, the computertest LAsO (Fill Giordano & Litzenberger, 2006) and a
more » ... tionnaire were used. The mood of the tps was induced with ten positive and ten negativ pictures. A obvious difference between people with substantive and heuristic processing was found. The difference between people with direct and motivational processing was not that clear. There was no difference betweeen people in positive mood and people in negative mood found.
doi:10.25365/thesis.3543 fatcat:o52ykgihivajhlusvwa7rzzugq