Understanding creativity through Krishnamurt'is ideas on education

Tenzin Dosel
2021 Zenodo  
Creativity is a construct that evolves with time and cannot be restricted to any single definition. It is valued by all the cultures in the world who want their societies to experience it. There are plethora of research on creativity that give western perspective. Although creativity is not discussed exclusively or as a separate entity, the Indian perspective on creativity reveals that creativity is embedded in concepts such as knowledge, education and self, influenced by Indian philosophical
more » ... oughts. This paper analyses and highlights the embeddedness of creativity in Krishnamurti's ideas on education. Krishnamurti's ideas on education reveals a holistic view of creativity where self-knowledge, self-transformation, inward revolution, novelty and meaningfulness of experience, unconventionality or nonconformity, the integration of human being, intelligence, and freedom are key to experience the state of creativeness. The investigator stresses the significance of right education in the journey of a person to become a creative self that can nurture the creative potential of the individual. For him, education should take one through an inward journey where happiness is the essence of life and the ultimate goal of a creative being.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6400908 fatcat:o33mtmnvxnagxmgwh7sgd3gmmi