Conductivity-limiting bipolar thermal conductivity in semiconductors

Shanyu Wang, Jiong Yang, Trevor Toll, Jihui Yang, Wenqing Zhang, Xinfeng Tang
2015 Scientific Reports  
Intriguing experimental results raised the question about the fundamental mechanisms governing the electron-hole coupling induced bipolar thermal conduction in semiconductors. Our combined theoretical analysis and experimental measurements show that in semiconductors bipolar thermal transport is in general a "conductivity-limiting" phenomenon, and it is thus controlled by the carrier mobility ratio and by the minority carrier partial electrical conductivity for the intrinsic and extrinsic
more » ... respectively. Our numerical method quantifies the role of electronic band structure and carrier scattering mechanisms. We have successfully demonstrated bipolar thermal conductivity reduction in doped semiconductors via electronic band structure modulation and/or preferential minority carrier scatterings. We expect this study to be beneficial to the current interests in optimizing thermoelectric properties of narrow gap semiconductors.
doi:10.1038/srep10136 pmid:25970560 pmcid:PMC4650813 fatcat:kno7w5vs5vanbbdzpz6g656v3m