Research on Comprehensive Plan Management of Electric Power Enterprises

Fan-Hua Meng, Meng-Wei Shi, Chun-Mei Song
2018 Proceedings of the 4th Annual International Conference on Management, Economics and Social Development (ICMESD 2018)   unpublished
Comprehensive plan management has played an important role in improving the efficiency of business operations, avoiding risks, and optimizing the allocation of resources of electric power companies, and promoted the overall operation and comprehensive and coordinated development of electric power companies. Based on above, first of all, this paper analyzes the connotation of comprehensive plan management, and then elaborates the important role of integrated plan management from four aspects:
more » ... iding risks, optimizing allocation of resources, improving operational efficiency, and process control. Secondly, it analyzes the existence of integrated plan management in electric power companies. Finally, several measures were put forward to construct a comprehensive plan management system for electric power enterprises in order to provide certain reference value for the improvement of the comprehensive plan management work of China's electric power enterprises. Connotation of Comprehensive Plan Management The comprehensive plan is the overall plan of the enterprise and is the overall goal that the company will achieve this year. Specifically, the enterprise shall comprehensively balance the specific plan indicators of the enterprise under the premise of fully considering the internal and external development environment of the enterprise according to its own development strategy and plan. , integration, optimization, and ultimately the formation of the company's annual plan goals and programs. From the meaning of the comprehensive plan, we can see that the comprehensive plan is not the same as the general plan of an enterprise. It consists of two aspects of strategic planning and planning, and the two are unified. The comprehensive plan is designed to achieve the company's strategy and involves the contents are broader and the coordination between professional programs is more important. Comprehensive plan management refers to the management of the entire process of preparation, reporting, approval, release, implementation, adjustment, and evaluation of comprehensive plans. It aims to coordinate and optimize the company's core resources and competitiveness, and promote the smooth progress of all work in the power companies. The launch of the power company's strategy and plans has been implemented. Power company comprehensive plan management includes indicator management and project management. Indicator management includes development input indicators, power supply service indicators and business performance indicators. Project management mainly includes indicators such as power grid infrastructure, production and non-manufacturing overhaul, and information input. Comprehensive plan management indicators cover a wide range of indicators set more scientific and oriented, focusing on centralized management and process management, emphasizing cooperation between the company's departments. The Important Role of Comprehensive Plan Management Integrated management plans by major companies at home and abroad respected, this management model from the original program management model is very different, it is an effective solution to the 1051
doi:10.2991/icmesd-18.2018.181 fatcat:7khnvf7ahrc3rdzz5ijk2gsnxm