Research on the effect of input current by switching method in three-phase 4-wired to single-phase 3-wired matrix converter
三相4 線式-単相3 線式マトリクスコンバータのスイッチング方式が入力電流に与える影響に関する考察

Keita Aoki, Naoki Yamamura, Muneaki Ishida
2016 Journal of the Japan Institute of Power Electronics  
A single-phase 3-wired matrix converter connecting three-phase 4-wired micro-grid is used instead of transformers to improve the power quality on the Micro-grid. The switching harmonic analysis of the inverter circuit has been studied by former researchers. However, in MC systems, the harmonics of input current caused by switching operation has not been analyzed. MC is generally used for motor drive and the output currents of MC are smoothed by inner inductor in the motor. However, the series
more » ... ductor used in the output filter is relatively small, so that the voltage drops due to the filter has small impact on the output current harmonics, which becomes large compared to the fundamental component and it influences the phase of the input fundamental current. In this paper, we formulate that the harmonics in output voltage finally effect the input current phase error of single-phase MC. The harmonics of input current caused by switching is calculated and confirmed by simulation. キーワード:マトリクスコンバータ,マイクログリッド,単相配電系統,スイッチング方式 Keywords:Matrix converter, Micro grid, Single-phase distribution system, Switching system 論 文 JIPE-42-18 Compensatory system for power ripple Micro-grid Wind energy generation system Solar energy generation system Consumer side
doi:10.5416/jipe.42.121 fatcat:mlpwgmbtkzhqvcyblmmqxhqori