Parameterization of physical properties of layered body structure into equivalent circuit model

Jiho Lee, Sung-Min Park
2021 BMC Biomedical Engineering  
Background This study presents a novel technique to develop an equivalent circuit model (ECM) for analyzing the responses of the layered body structure to transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) by parameterizing electrical and geometrical properties.Many classical ECMs are non-parametric because of the difficulty in projecting intrapersonal variability in the physical properties into ECM. However, not considering the intrapersonal variability hampers patient-specifically analyzing
more » ... fically analyzing the body response to TENS and personal optimization of TENS parameter design. To overcome this limitation, we propose a tissue property-based (TPB) approach for the direct parameterization of the physical properties in the layered body structure and thus enable to quantify the effects of intrapersonal variability. Results The proposed method was first validated through in vitro phantom studies and then was applied in-vivo to analyze the TENS on the forearm. The TPB-ECM calculated the impedance network in the forearm and corresponding responses to TENS. In addition, the modelled impedance was in good agreement with well-known impedance properties that have been achieved empirically. Conclusions The TPB approach uses the parameterized circuit components compared to non-parametric conventional ECMs, thus overcoming the intrapersonal variability problem of the conventional ECMs. Therefore, the TPB-ECM has a potential for widely-applicable TENS analysis and could provide impactful guidance in the TENS parameter design.
doi:10.1186/s42490-021-00054-8 pmid:34016186 fatcat:u34fsudl2jcttp5jvwrof74dfu