Verification of Secondary Electron Generated by Head Screw in Gamma Knife Using Monte Carlo N-Particle Simulation

Heesoo Kim, Jeong-Woo Lee
2020 Progress in Medical Physics  
Purpose: The interaction of various substances inserted into the human body and radiation can confirm the radiation enhancement effect. A Leksell frame inserted into the human body for gamma knife treatment will cause not only pain and inconvenience to the patient, but also additional exposure to the patient's normal tissues. In this study, we attempt to confirm the additional exposure caused by the interaction of the Leksell frame and thermoplastic mask, and 60 Co used for gamma knife
more » ... amma knife treatment. Methods: A 60 Co energy of 1.17, 1.33 MeV is applied using Monte Carlo simulation, and fixation screws and thermoplastic mask are fabricated using aluminum and titanium alloy, and Carbon compounds. Results: Results show a dose enhancement of up to 396.27% higher compared with that without a Leksell frame and up to 391.25% in thermoplastic mask. Conclusions: Hence, appropriate treatment methods and materials must be used to reduce additional exposure to normal tissues.
doi:10.14316/pmp.2020.31.2.29 fatcat:adakkrlggrblhianztvt546eta