Taming the higher power corrections in semileptonic B decays

Paolo Gambino, Kristopher J. Healey, Sascha Turczyk
2016 Physics Letters B  
We study the effect of dimension 7 and 8 operators on inclusive semileptonic B decays and the extraction of |Vcb|. Using moments of semileptonic B decay spectra and information based on the Lowest-Lying State saturation Approximation (LLSA) we perform a global fit of the nonperturbative parameters of the heavy quark expansion including for the first time the O(1/mb^{4,5}) contributions. Higher power corrections appear to have a very small effect on the extraction of |Vcb|, independently of the
more » ... dependently of the weight we attribute to the LLSA.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2016.10.023 fatcat:mmvc44pqqrh6vf5zen7qwepfv4